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Nadir Afonso - Chronological Biography

Nadir Afonso

Chronological Biography 

1920 - Nadir Afonso Rodrigues born in Chaves on 4th December, son of Artur Maria Afonso and Palmira Rodrigues.

1924 – Paints a perfect circle in red paint on the living-room wall.

1934 – First oil paintings.

1938 – Wins 2nd prize in the «What is the most beautiful piece of Portuguese landscape?» at the age of 17. Enrols to study architecture at Escola de Belas-Artes in Porto.

1940 – First exhibitions as a student of Escola de Belas-Artes, participating in all the Grupo dos Independentes exhibitions until 1946.

1943 – The phenomenon of optics, something that he had always loved, emerges and guides his first studies.

1944 – Receives enthusiastic reviews for his participation in the 9th Lisbon Modern Art Exhibition (SNI). Surrealist period.

1945 – Participates in an aesthetic mission in Évora under the guidance of Mestre Dordio Gomes where he paints «Évora surrealista» At the tender age of 24 the work «A Ribeira» (The Riverside) by Nadir Afonso is acquired by Museu de Arte Contemporânea in Lisbon. “Rainbow” period.

1946 – Leaves for Paris. Enrols at Écoles des Beaux-arts in Paris. Obtains a study grant from the French government through Portinari. He begins working with Le Corbusier.

1947 - Le Corbusier gives him the mornings to paint without docking his wages. Beginning of his Baroque period. He uses Fernand Léger’s studio for a period of time.

1948 – Defends his thesis — «Architecture is not an Art» — in the city of Porto with a project done in Paris under the guidance of Le Corbusier. Beginning of his Egyptian period.

1949 – Works on the reconstruction of cities destroyed by the war in Normandy. Egyptian period. Exhibition at the Galeria Fantasia Porto

1950 – Works with Le Corbusier again.

1951 – Leaves for Brazil, where he begins working with Óscar Niemeyer on the IV Centenary of the City of S. Paulo project.

1954 – Returns to Paris where he re-establishes contact with artists focussed on the kinetic quest and works on his studies that he calls «Espacillimité». Divides his time between focussing on architecture and other periods when he dedicates his time exclusively to painting.

1956 – Exhibition at the Denise René gallery Paris. Aesthetic research at Paris University.

1957 - Exhibition at the Denise René gallery Paris.

1958 – Exhibition at Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris. «La Sensibilité Plastique» published, Presses du Temps Présent, Paris.

1959 – Exhibition at Maison des Beaux-arts, Paris. Exhibition at Galeria Divulgação, Porto. Works on plans for Bagnols-sur-Ceze, city connected to the Marcoule atomic centre, for Candilis and plans for Balata, in Martinique.

1961 – Works on architecture projects in Chaves and Coimbra. Exhibition at SNI, Lisbon.

1963 – Exhibition at Escola de Belas-Artes in Porto. Represents Portugal at the S. Paulo Biennial.

1965 – Draws up the plans for Agadir for Candilis. Nadir Afonso gives up architecture definitively and aware of his own inability to adapt socially and integrate into the Portuguese artistic circle of the time, he withdraws little by little into major isolation to devote himself to creating his own work.

1966 – Exhibition at the Cooperativa Árvore in Porto.

1967 – National Painting Award.

1968 – Exhibition at SNI Lisbon. Receives Gulbenkian Foundation Scholarship to work in Paris. Fernando Guedes publishes «Nadir Afonso». Verbo, Lisbon.

1969 - Amadeo Souza-Cardoso Prize. Represents Portugal at the S. Paulo Biennial.

1970 - Publishes «Mécanismes de la Création Artistique», Editions du Griffon, Neuchâtel, Switzerland (published in French, English and German). Retrospective Exhibition at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s Centre Culturel Portuguais in Paris. Same retrospective in Lisbon at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Exhibition Centre de Culture TPN, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

1971 - Exhibition Galeria Buchholz, Lisbon.            .

1972 - Exhibition Galeria Alvarez, Porto.

1974 - Exhibition Selected Artists Galleries, New York. Aesthetic Synthesis published, Edições Alvarez in collaboration with Selected Artists Galleries, New York.

1975 - Exhibition Galeria Dois, Porto. Exhibition Galeria Quadrum, Lisbon.

1976 - Exhibition Art-Service Galerie, Paris.

1978 - Exhibition Galeria Tempo, Lisbon. Art-Service Galerie, Paris. Flaviense Regional Museum.

1979 - Exhibition Galeria S. Mamede, Lisbon. Exhibition Galeria Tempo, Lisbon. Exhibition Galeria Jornal de Notícias, Porto. Exhibition Galeria Dois, Porto. Exhibition Fundação Gulbenkian, Paris.

1980 - Exhibition Galeria Quadrum. Lisbon.

1981 - Exhibition Museu Proença Júnior, Castelo Branco. Exhibition Galeria S. Mamede, Lisbon.

1982 - Exhibition Galeria S. Mamede, Lisbon. Member of the Academia Nacional de Belas-Artes.

1983 - Exhibition Cooperativa Arvore, Porto. «Le Sens de l'Art» published, Imprensa Nacional, Lisbon.

1984 - Exhibition Galeria S. Mamede, Lisbon. Exhibition Galeria Gilde, Guimarães. Receives the Ordem Militar de Santiago de Espada from the Portuguese President General Ramalho Eanes.

1985 - Exhibition Galeria Bertrand, Lisbon. Exhibition Galeria S. Pedro, Amarante. Exhibition La Madraza, Granada.

1986 - Exhibition Portuguese Embassy, Brasília. Exhibition Cooperativa Árvore, Porto. Exhibition Pousada de Santa Marinha, Guimarães. Monograph Nadir Afonso published, Bertrand Editora, Lisbon. The Portuguese Post Office issues stamp with work of Nadir Afonso.

1987 - Exhibition Galeria Bertrand, Lisbon. Exhibition Galeria Quadrado Azul, Porto.

1988 – Exhibition Souza-Cardoso Museum, Amarante. Exhibition Art-Service Galerie, Paris.

1989 - Exhibition Galeria Quadrado Azul, Porto.

1990 - Exhibition Galeria Y Grego, Lisbon. «Da Vida à Obra de Nadir Afonso» (The Life and Work of Nadir Afonso) published, Bertrand Editora, Lisbon.

1991 - Exhibition Art-Service Galerie, Paris. Exhibition Galeria Quadrado Azul, Porto.

1992 - Exhibition Galeria Y Grego, Lisbon.

1993 - Exhibition Flaviense Regional Museum, Chaves. The School 2+3 in Chaves is given the name Nadir Afonso. Jorge Campos makes a film about Nadir Afonso for Radiotelevisão Portuguesa.  

1994 - Exhibition Art-Service Galerie, Paris. Exhibition Galeria Dário Ramos, Porto. Monograph Nadir Afonso published, Bial, Porto.

1995 - Exhibition Cooperativa Árvore, Porto.

1996 - Exhibition Galeria Neupergama, Torres Novas. Exhibition Art-Service Galerie, Paris. Produces panels for the Restauradores Metro station in Lisbon.  

1997 - Exhibition Galeria António Prates

1998 - «Nadir Afonso» Monography published, Livros Horizonte.

1999 - «O Sentido da Arte» (Sense of Art) published, Livros Horizonte, Lisbon. «Obra gravada» (Recorded Work) published, Edições Coelho Dias

2000 - Exhibition Estarreja City Council Cultural Centre. «Universo e o Pensamento» (Universo and Thought) published, Livros Horizonte, Lisbon. «O Porto de Nadir» (Nadir’s Port), Edições Coelho Dias, Lisbon.

2001 - Exhibition Cascais Cultural Centre.

2002 - Exhibition Galeria São Mamede. Exhibition Ovar City Council Cultural Centre. «Van Gogh» published, Chaves Ferreira Publicações, Lisbon — chosen book at the Frankfurt Book Fair of 2003 and selected for the Leipzig Book Museum. 

2003 - Exhibition Centro Cultural da Deputation de Ourense, Spain. Exhibition and Celebrated Artist at the 25th International Biennial of Vila Nova de Cerveira, where he presents an anthology exhibition. «O Fascínio das cidades» (The Fascination of Cities) published, Cascais City Council. «Da intuição artística ao raciocínio estético» (From Artistic Intuition to Aesthetic Thinking) published, Chaves Ferreira Publicações, Lisbon.

 2004 – Ceebrated Artist at the 2nd Estoril International Fair and award of the Nadir Afonso Prize. Exhibition Centro Cultural Bragança

 2005 - Exhibition Fórum Cultural Ermesinde. Exhibition Centro Português de Serigrafia (Portuguese Serigraphy Centre)

 2006 – Exhibition Galeria S. Mamede, Porto. Exhibition Chaves Municipal Library. Exhibition Portalegre Tapestries inspired by the works of Nadir Afonso.

2007 -  «O Bando» theatre company present the play «A linha da Viagem – um conto coreográfico em Terras de Nadir» (The Journey’s Line – a choreographed tale in the Land of Nadir) by Madalena Victorino. Exhibition of prints at Estoril Casino Gallery. Exhibition of prints at Casa das Artes, Vila Nova de Famalicão. Exhibition Galeria António Prates with presentation of large scale canvasses. Portuguese Post Office issue stamps with the works of Nadir Afonso. Exhibition Galeria Jornal de Notícias, Porto. Exhibition Galeria Jornal de Notícias, Porto. The Portuguese Post Office issues stamp with work of Nadir Afonso.

Represented in museums in Lisbon, Porto, Amarante, Rio de Janeiro, S. Paulo, Budapest, Paris (Georges Pompidou Centre), Wurzburg, Berlin, among others.





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